Ding wins an amazing game against Magnus : King's Indian Defence going bust for Black

Ding wins an amazing game against Magnus : King's Indian Defence going bust for Black

Please find the game analyzed below. Ding played perfectly from move 24 until the end.
This was difficult to calculate in a rapid game but he outplayed the world champion by attacking the kingside methodically. Magnus had several moves to defend better but his level of play was sub-standard.

My view is that he was overconfident after winning game 1 moments earlier with White.

He is not that familiar with KID structures

1. d4 ♘f6 2. c4 g6 3. g3 ♗g7 Magnus going for Kings Indian

4. ♗g2 O-O 5. ♘c3 d6 6. ♘f3 ♘c6 7. O-O e5 8. d5 ♘e7 9. e4 white will play on the queenside, black will move Nf6 to start f7-f5, but needs to play h7-h6 first to prevent Nf3-g5!

9... b6 10. ♖b1 a5 11. ♖e1 ♘d7 12. a3 h6 13. ♘h4! the best approach against f7-f5 plan from Black

13... f5 14. exf5 gxf5 15. ♕c2 ♘f6 16. b4 ♗d7 17. c5! Black's plan of Nf6-d7,h6,f7-f5 and Nd7-f6 is too slow. White is making progress on the queenside and does not have any large weakness

17... axb4 18. axb4 e4? this is clearly a mistake as white can attack e4 and f5 which will open up kingside. opening went wrong for Magnus.

18... ♗c8 19. c6

18... ♕e8! the best move 19. c6 (19. cxd6 cxd6 20. ♗b2 ♕f7 ) 19... ♗c8 20. ♕b3

18... bxc5 19. bxc5 ♖a5 20. c6 ♗e8

19. c6 ♗e8 20. f3! Ding undermines the center right away. Black has lots of weaknesses on light squares

20... ♘fxd5 21. ♘xd5 ♘xd5 22. fxe4 fxe4 23. ♗xe4 ♘c3 very sharp

23... ♗d4+! check first was much better than the game 24. ♔h1 ♘c3 25. ♗b2 ♖f2 extremely complicated

24. ♗xh6! the best move deflecting bishop would allow White to win the knight on c3. losing the exchange is not important, the black's king is wide open

24... ♕f6? Magnus tries to defend but White has a tactical resource here. Ding calculated very well

24... ♗xh6 25. ♕xc3

24... ♘xb1? 25. ♗h7+ ♔h8 26. ♖xe8 ♕xe8 27. ♘g6+ ♔xh7 28. ♘xf8+ ♔xh6

24... ♗d4+! This was the only move to survive with Black. Magnus used a lot of time and is in big trouble 25. ♔h1 (25. ♗e3 ♕f6 ) 25... ♖f2!

25. ♗h7+!

25. ♗xg7 ♕xg7 26. ♘f5 ♖xf5 27. ♗xf5 ♕d4+ 28. ♕f2 ♕xf2+ 29. ♔xf2 ♘xb1 30. ♗xb1 ♗xc6 31. ♖c1

25... ♔h8 26. ♖xe8! Brilliant, White wants to play Ng6+ with devastating impact #impactchess

26... ♖fxe8

26... ♗xh6 27. ♖e7 ♕xe7 (27... ♗g7 28. ♖be1 ♕d4+ 29. ♔h1 ♕d5+ 30. ♗e4 ) 28. ♘g6+

27. ♘g6+ ♔xh7 28. ♘f8+ ♔xh6?

28... ♔g8 29. ♕h7+ ♔f7 30. ♖f1 wins the queen 30... ♕xf1+ 31. ♔xf1 ♖xf8 32. ♗xg7 ♔e6+ 33. ♗xf8 ♖xf8+ 34. ♔g2 winning for white

29. ♕h7+ ♔g5 30. ♕h4+ ♔f5 31. ♕f4# 1-0 White wins by checkmate. amazing finish with checkmate played. Ding played an excellent game and showed much stronger understanding of King's Indian Defense than Carlsen. Magnus was too confident after winning game 1 and decided to play an opening which is not part of his standard repertoire. Ding is very strong in g3,Bg2 structures.


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