Chess personality test

What chess personality type are you? Find out by doing this test! All you need to do is to answer nine questions below. There's an uppercase letter before each answer, and the letter that you score the most corresponds to your type. Enjoy!

1) What's your favourite way of winning a chess game?
   S] With a carefully prepared opening novelty.
   F] With a forceful and irresistable attack.
   A] By avoiding mistakes.
   P] By playing a steenkin' tactical trick.

2) What happens most often when you analyze a game with your opponent?
   O] The session is short but efficient.
   S] I usually learn a lot, and I have a good time.
   P] I don't remember much of analyzing games. I was probably drunk.
   F] My opponent never listens to what I have to say.

3) Which of these hypothetical chess books would you prize the most?
   F] 'A chronicle of chess psychology.'
   O] 'World Chess Championships: a view from the inside.'
   A] 'Defense is an art.'
   S] 'R.J.Fischer - all his games analyzed.'

4) How do you find your way to a chess tournament?
   T] I look for strange men carrying plastic bags and follow them.
   O] I plan it all out so I don't have any problems getting there.
   P] I just ask somebody random for directions.
   F] Don't need to, I'm already there.

5) What is your common behaviour when playing a match against another team?
   S] I check the games of my team mates a lot; it's possible that I'm writing a report.
   T] I amuse myself with observing the odd behaviour of our opponents.
   O] I try to predict the outcome of the match.
   P] I have trouble to keep my big mouth shut about the other games.

6) What do you do when your opponent offers you a drink?
   T] I'd like to have some coffee, please.
   A] A sparkling water.
   F] I refuse. I'll get some myself.

7) You've been playing for only an hour and you're already a rook behind. What do you do?
   T] I resign this hopeless game, so I have some time to chat with my opponent.
   O] Nobody benefits from playing any further, so I resign.
   A] I resign, disgusted by my abysmal play.
   P] I keep on fighting, games are never won by resignations.

8) How do you sleep the night after an exciting game?
   S] Very well, though I may occasionally wake up, having dreamt about a marvellous sideline.
   O] That depends on the rest of the day.
   T] Like Snowwhite. I had a great time as usual.
   A] Troubled, but I wouldn't want to have missed the game.

9) Imagine yourself in an isolated Siberian village, with just a chessboard and pieces. What else would you like to bring?
   A] Nothing more. I have all I need.
   S] That endgame encyclopedia by László Polgár.
   F] A strong opponent to play against.
   T] A pretty (wo)man of course. Duh!

Here are the six chess personality types:

S - The scientist

The scientist is that kind of chess player who above all considers the game to be fascinating and rich, where a vast amount of knowledge can be discovered. Recognizing a scientist is easy. He's the one who's interested in studying openings, endgame problems and chess curiosities. The scientist is the perfect partner for analyzing your games: he always knows more about your pet opening than you do, and he has a lot of tales to tell. You'll find many scientists in the realm of computer chess, and chess reporters are usually scientists too.

A famous scientist is Jan Timman.

O - The organizer

After being hopelessly addicted to the game of chess, organizers discovered the world beyond. Driven by a desire to know everything about chess regulations, matches and/or tournaments, or the desire to do something substantial for the game that means so much to them, organizers are our arbiters, officials, teachers, team leaders, coaches, everything. Although they're not always the strongest players, more often than not they show an unexpected talent for what they do, perhaps making them the real heroes of chess.

A famous organizer is Max Euwe.

F - The fanatic

These people thrive on a game of chess. Well, chess isn't exactly a game, it's always a battle, a war. For a fanatic, playing chess is the best way to control and divert his passions, and this makes him a formidable player. And an ideal team mate, although that doesn't really matter to him. The fanatic doesn't have bad days, and if he ever loses a game, you know that he has done everything in his power to prevent it. Sometimes he'll even deliberately intimidate his opponent to increase his chances. Not surprisingly, most world champions are fanatics.

A famous fanatic is Bobby Fischer.

P - The patzer

The typical chess player you'll find in a pub: the patzer. He doesn't just play for the sake of the game itself. Oh, no, he wants and gets it all. The unbelievable brilliancies. The horrible blunders. The stories that become legends. This risk seeker is at his best when he can talk, drink and smoke during games. On a good day he will crush grandmasters effortlessly, as if they were utter novices. But he can lose from the stupidest moron as well. All the same, chess would be really dull without those colourful patzers.

A famous patzer is Mikhail Tal.

A - The artist

Here are the drawing kings of chess. These introvert chess players are the ones who, by definition, have the most fun playing chess. This is because they simply don't need or want anything more than just the board and the pieces. They're not obsessed like the fanatic, but they're in love with the game nevertheless. You could even say that they're physically addicted. An artist could play against himself for hours without noticing time passing by. They tend to avoid risks in games, and are extremely hard to beat.

A famous artist is Vladimir Kramnik.

T - The tourist

The tourist is not so much interested in the game itself, but rather more in the people who play it. For a tourist, playing chess is a fantastic way of meeting some unusual and interesting folks. And every once in a while, if he's really lucky, he gets to play against a genuine idiot. He's got a fantastic sense of humour, and is one of the few who's actually able to put the chess game in its right perspective.

A famous tourist is.... - well, nobody really, but you're gonna have to look really hard for a tourist who gives a <beep>.

(Author's note: I'm happy with putting this in the public domain. Attribution would be nice though.)

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