Carlsen missed chance Game 3 today

Missed Chance by Black


In this position, Magnus Carlsen missed a clear chance to play for a win.

18..Nxg2 is a candidate move

White has two possible answers.

Variation A) 19 Kxg2 accepting the sacrifice

Variation B) 19 Bxe6 attacking the queen.

This is what GM Kotov asked us to do, work out the variations tree with candidate moves.

On 19Kxg2 Bh3+ is the logical follow-up. after all, Carlsen set up Qc8-Be6 battery himself !

Lets see 

20. ♔h2

20. ♔g1 ♕g4+! 21. ♘g3 ♕f3 22. ♕xg7+ ♔xg7 23. ♘f5+ ♔g8

20... ♘h4 21. ♕xd6

21. ♘d2 ♕g4!

21. ♗d1 ♗g2! brilliant, Qh3 is next

21... ♘f3+ Double Attack

22. ♔h1 ♗xf1! 23. ♖xf1

23. ♕g3 ♘xe1 24. ♖xe1 ♕h3+ 25. ♕xh3 ♗xh3

23... ♕h3+ with checkmate

24. ♕h2 ♕xh2#


To sum up 20 Kh2 is forced and 20..Nh4! is extremely strong threatening a fork on f3. White has no defense as per the variations shown above.


It is possible Magnus rejected the line because of variation B 19.Bxe6

But here's the fantastic resource Black had : 19 ..Ne1!!

lets see the diagram White to play

Position after Ne1!!

If White proceeds with Bxc8, Black has Nf3+! which wins the queen back on d4. If White takes on e1, Black takes on e6. 

So the intermediary move (zwichenzug) Bxe6! is met by Black's zwichenzug Nxe1!!.

That is all, Nxg2 would have brought Magnus a win if he played this move. 

#OperaEuropRapid! #c24live

The italian opening can still bring fascinating games and positions !

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