Banter Blitz explained : pgn and transcript of video ?


I like to watch the banter blitz sessions on; of course Magnus Carlsen sessions are a must-watch. Also Peter Svidler explains key points very well while playing at a very high level.

yesterday I watched Levon Aronian and he was quite impressive as well. one game was great, and I thought I would like to find the pgn and go over it with a chessboard. unfortunately the "transcript" does not exist but it would be useful to analyze.

I am doing it below for 1 instructive game : Rossolimo Sicilian won by Levon Aronian against RussianBeast(2882 rating). This was a great win against Mihail Paninin and I didn't think Levon was 1.e4 player.

let me know if you also like to replay the banter blitz with the moves ( after watching live or replay video) and if you like the analysis below

1. e4 c5 2. ♘f3 ♘c6 3. ♗b5 g6 4. ♗xc6 dxc6 5. d3 ♗g7 6. h3 ♘f6 7. ♘c3 ♘d7 8. ♗e3 e5 9. ♕d2

9. O-O b6 10. ♘h2 ♘f8 11. f4 exf4 12. ♖xf4 ♗e6 13. ♖f2 h6 14. ♕d2 g5 15. ♖af1 ♕d6 16. ♘g4 O-O-O=/+ ½-½ (115) Caruana,F (2832)-Carlsen,M (2835) London 2018 World Chess Championship

9... h6 10. O-O b6 11. ♘h2 ♘f8

11... ♘f6 12. a3 ♗e6 13. b4 ♘d5 14. exd5 cxd5 15. ♕e1 d4 16. ♗d2 dxc3 17. ♗xc3 f6 18. f4 1/2-1/2 (33) Dominguez Perez,L (2763)-Abasov,N (2632) Khanty-Mansiysk 2019

11... g5 12. ♘e2 ♘f8 13. ♘g3 ♘g6 14. a3 O-O 15. b4 cxb4 16. axb4 ♘h4 17. f3 f5 18. exf5 ♘xf5 19. ♘xf5 ♗xf5 20. ♖a6 ♕e7 21. ♘g4 ½-½ (44) Caruana,F (2787)-Nakamura,H (2793) Saint Louis 2015

12. f4 exf4 13. ♖xf4 ♘e6 14. ♖f2 ♘d4 15. ♖af1

15. a4 a5 16. ♖af1 ♗e6 17. ♗f4 ♕d7 18. e5 g5 19. ♗g3 ♘f5=/+ 0-1 (38) Van Foreest,J (2612)-Sebenik,M (2540) INT 2019

15... ♗e6 16. b3

16. ♘g4 f5

16... ♕e7 17. ♘e2 O-O-O? Black had to exchange the knights as White threatens Ne2-f4

17... ♘xe2+ 18. ♕xe2 O-O-O=

18. ♘f4! ♗d7 [#] Here Levon found a tactical way to get the advantage. White to play

18... ♖d7 19. ♔h1 h5 20. ♘xe6 ♕xe6 21. a4

19. ♘xg6! fxg6 20. ♖f7! Winning back the bishop in g7

20... ♕e5

20... ♕d6 21. ♖xg7 g5 22. ♖ff7 ♘e6 23. ♖f6

21. ♗f4 ♕e8?

21... ♕h5 22. ♖xg7 ♖hf8 threatens Rf4 and Ne2+ 23. ♔h1 ♘e6

22. ♖xg7 ♘e6 23. ♗xh6! ♘xg7

23... g5 24. ♘g4!

24. ♗xg7 ♖g8 25. ♗f6!+− played quickly by levon. winning back the exchange. Black is very weak on the dark squares after white captured the bishop in g7

25... ♕e6

25... g5 26. ♗xd8 ♔xd8 27. ♕f2 g4 28. ♕f6+ ♔c8 29. ♘xg4

26. ♗xd8 ♔xd8 27. ♕g5+ ♔c8 28. ♖f6 ♕e8 29. ♘f3 ♔b7 30. ♘e5 ♖g7 31. ♖xg6 3rd extra pawn

31... ♖e7 32. ♘c4 ♕f8 33. ♖g8 B lack resigned as Qf7 is met by Nd6+. a fine blitz banter game by levon


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