Achieving independence from ignorance: chess as an unlimited perspective

Achieving independence from ignorance: chess as an unlimited perspective

There's a prime and composite idea matrix, where the prime determines the geometry of idea flow, while the composite deals with the position of perceiving an idea through experiencing it.

Let's start with the prime number matrices. There's 2 layers: 2[good/evil] and 3[efficiency, justice, freedom]. Multiplying these out gives:

freedom (reflection)- independence/liberty      |                                                                                                                                                               good (radiation)- light of god                                      justice (phase)- selflessness/righteousness        |                                                                                                                                                               evil (attraction)- chaos of destruction                          efficiency (synchronization)- life/happiness       |

These all play an enormous impact on how normal it can feel to actually do something competitive involving awareness. For instance, you might come up with the most interesting epiphany only to find that you're actually about to run a red light because you inaccurately assumed it was green.

Or maybe you're in the middle of nerding out over your opening theory obsession when someone mentions "artemisinin-tagged holotransferrin," leading you on a journey into documentaries like "gasland" and "the world according to monsanto." Suddenly you've gone from opening theory to conspiracy theory, where the stories of people like John Perkins now seem like legitimate witness testimony (*cough* ;

Now let me talk about chess as a composite concept matrix. (earlier article i wrote)

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +                                               (wisdom)                  (strength)               (philosophy)                (fitness)

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +                                                               Attributes                                                 Meanings

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +                                               (dexterity)             (intelligence)              (romance)                 (science)

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +                                                                                             Perspective

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +                                               (sincerity)                  (honor)                      (fire)                       (water)

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +                                                                 Virtues                                                   Elements

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +                                                  (valor)                   (patience)                   (soil)                         (air)

+              +              +              +              +              +              +              +

"independence is a vital chess concept. from the foundation of independence will serve to control the plausibility for sacrifice. lastly, chess is a destructively dead thing. container, controller, vehicle, and instrument- they are all the fabric of a perspective limited by ignorance.

the most successful positional analysis AIs out there employ genetic fuzzy trees breeding other genetic fuzzy inference systems. but that type of program is horrible for doing anything other than emulating a GM, and GMs are actually pretty horrible at teaching chess. Self reflection is a different animal than positional reflection. 

As for integrating the nuance of chess into self reflection.. that's where the subtleties of instinct factor in. You have black and white, which are completely desynchronized by design, but each side is a direct reflection along the central axis. The body parts are not unlike the praying mantis. The antennae are the queen/king. The claws are the rooks. The legs are the minor pieces. The chitinous spines of the claws are the pawns, not unlike the 8 legs of the spiders that the praying mantis is known to harvest. They are perhaps the felines of the insect world even." (

The following game sort of speaks for itself. Suffice to say, awesome pwnage of noobs ensues .

At move 25, if Kf3, black has Bh4/Qc1(computer hilariously recommends Qe1 here);Qg3+/Ke2;Qxg2+/(f1 and e4 belong to my queen, so white should resign with no better option than to give up his best placed piece in stubborn anticipation of mate in 9).

(will expand/edit and/or delete this article in the near future. for instance, here's a link about my philosophical process in planning out the purchasing of a bicycle collection.)

will accept any corrections people want to offer in the form of comments or private messages. i'm trying to keep this fairly transparent as to my thought process formula. i'm constantly sort of experimenting with philosophy like this, so bear with me.

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