Suggestion for a new time control: 20 min + 10 sec

Hello, I would like to suggest the inclusion of an additional time control option for playing on this site: 20 min + 10 sec/move (alternatively 15 min + 10 sec/move).

The reasons for this suggestion are the following:

- Many players here are looking for somewhat longer time controls than Blitz and Bullet. We are players who want to have some time to think and reflect properly about each move, in order to play games with emphasis on quality of the moves, rather than looking for the thrill of quick, rushed moves.

- There is currently the 15 min option, but I've noticed that it often can lead to games that tend to be extremely rushed towards the end, which results in games of unnecessarily poor quality in the last few moves. There have been games where one side reaches the endgame with a clearly winning position but ends up losing anyway due to very little time left and various rushed blunders.

- There is currently also a time control option of 30 minutes, but this feels a little bit too long for online playing, and the waiting times for pairing may be long. A base time of about 15-20 minutes seems reasonable - it will ensure both a reasonable amount of time for playing calmly, while it's also quick enough for ensuring a sufficient number of users will be using it (especially if it is promoted next to the other main time control options), with consequently reasonable waiting times for pairing.

- Adding a 10 seconds increment per move is meant to ensure players get sufficient time to make their moves with at least a few seconds available for thought, to eliminate unnecessary blunders due to very rushed moves under time pressure, at all stages of the game. This will lead both an overall improvement of the quality of the games in the database, especially with regard to endgame positions, and will also lead to somewhat juster results for players in terms of the quality of their play.

- 20 minutes + 10 sec gives about 30 seconds per move for the first 40 moves, 6 minutes of additional thinking time for complex or critical positions and 10 seconds per move for all moves after the 40th. Or at least that is how I calculated and arrived at this time control.

Thank you,

Thomas Johansson

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