⌛Show time pressure in analysis - Time log ⏳

⌛Show time pressure in analysis - Time log ⏳

Hi Chess24 team, Can we have the oportunity to see Log remaining time for each position, in the Analyses Board, like the one, that exists in lichess?

For example, in screenshot... I know that I played the 10º move at ⌚18:08 has black. https://lichess.org/6GXfa9ti#20

With this time log, I know for example, when I played a move with time pressure or not.

|**  | W   | B     | Time W| Time B| 

|1. |e4   |c5     |5m00    |5m00|
|2. |Kf3  |Qc7   | 4m42  | 4m35|
|3. |O-O |Kxe5  | 4m00  |3m35|
|4. |Kxe5| Qxe5| 3m38  | 2m35|

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