Chat lags and general delays

Hello C24-team,

hello chess friends,

concerning chats in training shows there are two issues for me:

No.1 is that there seems to be a delay of 20-25sec between live chat on the user end and on the presentor's side. Say: I post an answer to a question of the presentor, it take before mentioned time until he sees it - I hope you get the point. At least I looks like it is that way on my end.

This is somehow disturbing, especially if you are replying to questions which require immediate reply.

==> Can this delay somehow be reduced to just a handful of seconds?

No. 2 is, that chats tend to get laggy in every show measured by the time you press ENTER on your computer's keyboard until the message comes up in chat. Sometimes, rarely, the chat even posts my message #1 after message #2 has appeared in chat. Accumulated with No.1 it sn't a pleasure at all.

I'm not saying that all these issues always come together in every show, but a stable yet quick responding system looks different to me.


Is it only on my end?

What can we (audience) do to improve the situation?

What can C24 or the presenter do?

Thanks to all for commenting on it


PS: I don|t believe it is my iNet connection (VDSL100) or computer hardware, since I don't experience these issues so clearly on competitor's websites; occasionally refreshing my browser (cache) helps a bit - a small bit, not yet a byte ;-) and this is not necessary on competitor's pages, too.

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