Broken features and a bad interface

I just paid for a Premium membership and today decided to try out the analysis section. I have found several bugs right away. I thought I would analyze on of my own games. I opened the analysis screen and at the top left, just next to the chess board there is a small icon of a half chess board. I click on it and have 4 choices - Setup Position, Import PGN. Paste PGN or Import Playzone game. I selected Import Playzone game and it brings up a list of my games. I cannot however select a game no matter what I do. This is BUG #1. So then I thought maybe I cant select because I am in icon mode and not list mode. So I right click on the 3 bars at the top right corner of the Playzone Games window. I see I have an option to switch to list mode. I cannot however complete this function because as soon as I try to move the mouse to that option it disappears. That is BUG #2.

Then I decided I would just import a PGN game and see how the analysis works. I wanted to see the graph of evalution vs. move number. This is a very good indication of how they game went. This feature is broken. All it displays is a flat red line for all the moves of the game with no variation at all even though eval went to +11.0.

The last item I will point out is that the interface in chess24 is way too cluttered. No matter what function or feature you are working with the majority of screen real estate (more than 50% in all cases) is used for purposes completely unrelated to my task at hand. My eyesight is not good and the board in chess24 is very small compared to my monitor size.  I have a monitor that is 23 inch monitor but am stuck with a chess board that is 6 inches big and is not resizable.I can have chess boards as large as 12 x 12 in other programs and websites, the chess24 board is 6 inch diagonal or 4.5x4.5, that is unusable for me.

When I bought my membership I thought I would be able to change board size and assumed that analysis and such worked correctly. I have belonged to other online chess clubs for fee and for free but this was by far the most expensive. I expect more for my money. Maybe I am missing something but it doesnt look like it. I even tested the bugs under Firefox and Chrome. I would like a response. I have screenshots of all of the above and they are 100% reproducible.

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