Can you guess Agadmator's move? | Guess the move #1

Can you guess Agadmator's move? | Guess the move #1

It's been an exciting start!! Tomorrow Agadmator will choose his move in this position at 15:00 CEST, but now you have the chance to be the fastest on guessing his move and win a  #ChessConnectsUs T-shirt + the Chessable course "Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar"! WRITE  BELOW IN THE COMMENTS, THE MOVE YOU THINK IS THE RIGHT ONE, NOW NOW NOW! :)

Can you find out what's next move?

We arrive at this position thanks to these amazing people being part of the #ChessConnectsUs Game. Watch the game so far:

Here you have the players that made the last 5 moves with their country and a bit about them:

1. e4  by Judit Polgar | Hungary  | Chess Educational Ambassador

1...e5 Vladimir Kramnik| Russia | 14th World Champion

2. Nc3 Oscar Panno  | Argentina |  Grandmaster from Argentina

2...Nf6 Lilia Fuentes | Mexico | Woman International Master from Mexico

3.Nf3 Susan Polgar  | USA / Hungary | 4-time World Chess Champion

3....d6 Rustam Kasimdzhanov | Uzbekistan | World Champion in 2004

4.d4 Noam Manella | Israel | Chess Author

4...Nbd7 Sofia Polgar | Israel / Hungary| Chess Olympiad Gold & Artist

5.Bc4 JUGA | Chile | Chess Singer & Songwriter

5....exd4 Nick Schilder | The Netherlands| Singer & Songwriter


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